Tour HAS6: The trip from Hoi An to Sai Gon

Duration : 6 days and 5 nights
Destinations :
Routes : Hw 14B, 14C, 14 (HCM trail)
Type tour : hoian easyrider, hoian/danang easy riders, hoian/danang easy rider tours, hoian/danang motorbike tours, hoian/danang motorbike adventures
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  • Breath-taking landscape of Ho Chi Minh trail
  • Rural life of local people
  • Different cultures of ethnic minority groups: Bana, Ede, M'Nong hill tribes and their traditional Rong house
  • Dak To – Tan Canh Combat Base
  • Charlie Hill
  • Sea Lake
  • Dray Sap and Dray Nu waterfalls, national Fairy pool
  • Ride through the stunning rain forests
  • Plantations: pepper, rubber tree, cashew
  • Cu Chi tunnels
Itinerary :

1st day: Ride from Hoi An to Kham Duc

Saying goodbye with Hoi An ancient city, we will:
- See how to make incense
- Visit Cham tower
- Visit Cao Dai Temple

Travelling on Ho Chi Minh trail, we will:
- Enjoy its magnificent scenery
- Explore the rural life of the local people, learn their culture and customs
- Learn more about the history of Vietnam
- Enjoy water massage on the Ho Chi Minh trail
- Exploring the local market of the mountain town

Arrive in Kham Duc around 5:00pm.

2nd day: Ride from Kham Duc to Kon Tum

Continuing Ho Chi Minh trail, today we will ride to Kon Tum. On the way, we will stop at:

- Charlie Hill
- Indochine three Corner
- Dak To – Tan Canh battle field
- Phoenix airport
- Wooden church that is combined of European style and culture of the Central Highlands Vietnam
- Kon K’tu ethnic village with their tradition Rong House

3rd day: Ride from Kon Tum to Buon Me Thuot

Wake up in the early morning to enjoy the fresh air of the highland town and walk around to visit Kon Tum market.

After breakfast, we will get on the motorbike for visiting:
- Sea lake – the eyes of Pleiku
- War monument
- Local house to learn how to make rice paper and rice noodle
- Black pepper farm

Try to experience the daily life of local people

Arriving in Buon Me Thuot around 5pm.

4th day: Ride from Buon Me Thuot to Dak Mil

This is one of the best days of the tour, so don’t miss anything!

Before leaving Buon Me Thuot, let’s enjoy the best coffee in Vietnam (Buon Me Thuot is coffee homeland of Vietnam) and visit:
- Ede ethnic minority village where still keep their tradition long house
- Local market where we will buy really special foods for our picnic lu'nch in the national park

Following Ho Chi Minh trail, we will head to the national park where we will:
- Visit the Dray Sap and Dray Nur Waterfall – Biggest one in the Central Highland
- Swim in Fairy pool, take a water massage from waterfall
- Our guide will cook special foods for the lunch (Secret).

Overnight in Dak Mil (Near Vietnam and Cambodia border).

5th day: Ride from Dak Mil to Dong Xoai

Ride through the legendary Ho Chi Minh trail to:
- Enjoy its magnificent scenery
- Explore the rural life of the local people
- Learn more about the history of Vietnam
- Visit Soc Bom Bo village to understand S’tieng ethnic minority people culture and traditions
- Learn how the locals make rice papers, noodles,…

Overnight in Dong Xoai (The beginning point of the Ho Chi Minh trail from South to North)

6th day: Ride from Dong Xoai to Sai Gon

After breakfast, we will get on the motorbike to head to Cu Chi tunnel. On the way, we will stop at:
- Rubber tree plantations
- War Victory Monument
- Paddy field

We will spend few hours to discover the Cu Chi tunnel and learn Vietnam History, then will ride to Sai Gon to finish the trip. Our guide will drop you off at the place you require.
Come with us for the experience of a lifetime either as a rider or as a pillion passengers on one of our motorbikes!
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