These attractions, tourism in Da Nang

Referring to tourism can not forget to Da Nang since it not only natural but also by imposing the typical architecture, unique and hospitable spirit of the people of the coastal city. With its sunny climate characteristic wind central with a long coastline and abundant vegetation, Danang deserved as one of the tourist paradise with many entertainment and pleasure.

Sapa is like the central, Bana annually welcomes thousands of foreign and domestic tourists visit. With the cable car to reach the international record, visitors will be coming to the scene domain of immense space, misty mountain peaks or the flowers blooming between clouds thousand.

The stop at Bana

Located about 30km from the city center to the west with altitude of 1.487m compared to sea level, the ideal temperature is 18 degrees C, Ba Na is evaluated by one of the best resorts of our country's ideals . Needless to roaming arc winding road up the mountain, nowadays with modern cable system was built in accordance with standards of Austria consists of 94 cabins along the velocity of 6m / sec so convenient and fast. Is compared to the scene line up, sit in the cabin cable car, visitors can admire the abundant forests, crystal-clear waterfalls up as page rendering or lãng covered in haze.

Ba Na cable car reaches 4 world records

But perhaps the difference to make up the uniqueness of Bana as visitors can go through the experience four seasons in one day. The constant change between the fresh spring weather in the morning, the warmth of the noonday summer, add the cold of autumn when evening came and the night of the sinking in the air was freezing cold bring Enjoy new sensory.

Chuong- peach logo Bana

Not only famous for pristine space stunning, cool climate, Bana still attracts tourists visited also by system resorts, amusement parks are equipped with modern, high-end suitable for all ages. As luxury resort from the French colonial period to present some French villas, the Buddhist culture, wineries and a variety of hotels, bars, tennis courts, badminton ... being restored and religion created.
For those who love adventure, perhaps the Hai Van Pass is a not to be missed. Dubbed "People are most important heroes" winding Hai Van Pass with chillingly crook but quite exciting for adventurous young people. Not only known for providing long distance perched on the mountainside, majestic natural landscape but also equally romantic attraction for those who arrive here. From above the pass, visitors can hear vu woods, rustling leaves, or panoramic space far side, the vast blue sea with waves whispering want the same beckons. Further below are the lagoons with immense space waves, harmonic landscapes such as respect for the scenery lovely touches but equally graceful to be wild here.

Hai Van Pass with winding curves but no less majestic, romantic

Just shopping for a motorcycle, a camera with a companion who is able to have free access to favorite sites here. Stepping up the stone steps to release the soul in the wind, standing in front of checkpoints back north with the words "Hai Van Quan" or southbound along with six Chinese characters "Quan Hung Thien Ha De Nhat" will be the image impressive image can not forget those who ever set foot in this place.
Considered a symbol of Danang, look away from the Marble Mountains cluster look like bonsai emerging among blue color of sky and sea. Marble with 5 mountains as 5 elements of the universe, the earth and sky. Seem to want the same further in the mountains, space fanciful, poetic, with countless caves with special shapes, temple bell resounded with the sound of waves pounding the shore as bringing tourists lost in celestial realms pregnant. Places you can not miss while in Marble as big mountains Thuy Son, Tam Thai Pagoda, Huyen Khong dynamic, real Van Thong Guan Yin activity, cave infernal ...

Marble horns between earth and sky

Located next to the Marble is a Non Nuoc stone village that highlight the Non Nuoc. This is the birthplace of the stone sculptures with innumerable idols, creation is the local artisan labor with hands and his creativity. With source material was marble, guests can enjoy their choice of a gift to give relatives as Buddha, the holy, the people, like the animal or the round stone engraved crystal bracelet craftsmanship, meticulous.

Non Nuoc stone carving village
Located downtown about 10km northeast, Son Tra Peninsula convergence of both the forest and sea beauty. As nature reserve should National nature here remained the wild character with abundant vegetation, a variety of rare wildlife. Away covered with green forests, Son Tra Peninsula as a privilege but endowed for Danang. Not only green feature of the forest trees, it also attracts tourists by the coastline as a winding stretch of road at the foot of the mountain to emerge as Tien Sa sea, beach Stone Black, Bai But, Bai Ratings, Most beaches, South Beach, North Beach, The beach, beach Trem ...

The wild beauty of beaches to awe But

Not only brings natural beauty of Son Tra also gives guests the warmth, purity site Linh Ung Pagoda. Considered the largest temple with Buddha Ba Da Nang's largest country. Temples modern style combined with traditional looks inherent Vietnam temples like curved roof with dragons, but the pillars are covered with sinuous dragon. Located in a large space, that leaned against the mountain, facing the sea with kind eyes, Buddha Ba as arms embrace, protect the city before the wrath of the vast ocean. With the inherent purity, as this gas flexible convergence of heaven and earth human heart, making one stop back here and see my heart gently, peacefully.
Buddha Ba Linh Ung Pagoda
Surely someone had to Danang can not ignore the beauty of marine tourism. Reviewed by one of the planet's most beautiful beach, My Khe coast attract tourists by the long, fine sand and clear blue water. Coast gentle, peaceful sea, the mild sea and towering coconut trees surrounding Khe make for a romantic setting but equally peaceful.

My Khe beach with white sand stretches and towering coconut trees
Danang in the cross du eye not just friendly young love, but also by the striking architecture, typical representative of the intellectual and the people here. Han river surrounded as embrace the city where there are many people mention is the Han River Bridge. The bridge was built on the main axis of Le Duan Street, Hai Chau district connection with Son Tra district.

Han River Bridge - the symbol of the city of Da Nang

It would be interesting if you walk on the bridge at night, when the lights are turned on, scenic waterfront sparkling colors appear. With visiting here, it is worth trying once staying up late, at around 0h30 every day, the bridge will be folded 90 degrees pave the way for large ships to pass through. Try once staying up late, suspense and cheered when slowly rotating globe moment, sure to be unforgettable memories of every traveler.
Along with Han River Bridge, Dragon Bridge has been inaugurated as the new face added to the city, the greater the beauty of Da Nang - liveable cities.

Dragon bridge beauty of the shimmering lights

With its convenient location, Da Nang visitors can come to Hoi An ancient town to admire the lantern festival or reverse the north to the ancient capital of Hue to learn about an area of ​​a nation dozen. Following the tour itinerary and explore, each area with a different beauty but always remains the unforgettable imprint in the palm of every traveler.

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